Q: Who makes it ?
Sam and her amazing team of potters

Q: Where is it made?
In her studio in Sydney Australia

Q: How do I get it home?
We will pack it up so it’s safe and sound for you straight to your door.

Q: How it’s made?
All by hand, here’s a little bit about the process

The forms are made with the most beautiful translucent porcelain .

The pots are formed on the wheel,slab built,hand built and slip cast.

The pots are left to dry and then they are trimmed and lovingly sponged

The pots  are placed in the kiln ( a really big oven) and then fired to 1000 degrees celsius (very hot!!)

The pots take 13 hours to bake then another 9 hours to cool down (a really long time!) .

The pots are then Handprinted. 

Then they are dipped in glaze (our secret recipe!)

The pots are then placed back in the kiln for the second firing this is fired up to 1300 degrees celsius (really really hot!!!) this takes another 11 hours then cooling for 9 hours (still really really long !)

The kiln door opens to shiny happy pots

You pick your piece and and use everyday!

The cycle is complete ,Enjoy!