Hand Building from Home!

Experience the therapeutic nature of hand-building your very own vessels with clay. And when you can't come to us, let us come to you! 

Samantha will be holding hand-building classes from her very own courtyard. We will drop you all the materials & tools you need to bring some clay blobs to life. All you will need is a small workspace (think kitchen table, backyard, garage) where you can put a towel or newspaper down to work on as well as access to water and a device where you can download Zoom. 

Sam will come live to you at home via Zoom where she can virtually interact with you and guide you through her lesson. Book in and we can let you know our upcoming time slots and organise when and where to deliver your materials. We will be running these classes a few times a week. Let us know if you want to book out a private class with your friends and family from different households too. It's a fun way to stay connected to your loved ones and hang out in a different way. 

Once your pots have been built we will pick them up, fire them in our kilns and deliver them back to you glazed and finished. 

Sam is very much looking forward to having a tea or wine with you in your own home whilst you learn a thing to two about clay building. It's time to let that much need inspiration and creativity flow through you. 

For Sydney metro only.