Discover why throwing clay on the wheel can be one of the most rewarding aspects of working with ceramics. These three short sessions in Sydney will provide you with skills and experience in wheelwork and throwing techniques as you learn how to create your own pots from the beginning to end of process. It doesn’t matter if you have never touched clay before or if you have years of experience, work at your own pace to create unique pieces.

The first class is throwing on the wheel. After a quick teacher demonstration, you will learn how to centre their clay on the wheel while it is spinning and then taught how grow their pots into their desired shapes. We aim for students to create between 4-6 pots.

In the second class you will take the beautiful pots you made the week before and tidy them up. Once the pots have had a weeks drying time and are a bit stiffer they are ready to trim. You will also do this step on the wheel. At this point you can really evolve their pots into unique creations. Once we have finished the turning process we introduce another form of clay building in this class. You can choose to be inspired by Sam Robinson’s signature ‘watermelon’ bowl or make your own design.

Our third class is the decorating class. In this class you will decorate your pots that we have bisque fired since their last class. You will have a few different option when it come to decorating their pots. You will also have access to the unique glazes that Sam Robinson has created over her long career. Learn a bit about the background of the glazes as you choose your perfect finish. Then learn different application techniques to complete your pieces. Items will be available to collect the following week.

If you would like to continue making join the next round of classes to expand your repertoire.